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Celebration of the Unity of all Religions

Lakshmi Devi holds public satsangs regularly.

God appears in various forms. The forms may differ, but the material from which the form was cast has always been the same. In the end all forms melt into one. Those who allow God into their hearts will experience that their inner limitations will dissolve once and for all. Many of us find it difficult to recognize the essence of unity in the different religions and this lack of understanding leads to disharmony in the world. By loving God deeply we recognize the universal message in all religions (from:   „God in my Heart“   by Shardavanthi Lakshmi Devi).

At the beginning we celebrate the divine light and love and the unity of religions by singing various religious songs, which are accompanied by Indian temple dancing. After the singing Lakshmi Devi talks about spiritual topics and afterwards she answers questions. Then you have the chance to meet Lakshmi Devi personally (darshan) and be embraced by her lovingly.